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River City Cutting & Coring Services...

Sealing joints in your newly poured project and filling older cracks will add many years to any concrete work. Once water penetrates the concrete it can freeze during colder months and force more openings causing ongoing cracks and erosion. Let River City Cutting & Coring save you time and money, not to mention costly equipment purchases. We’ll do it right! Usually concrete workers are great at pouring and finishing, but often fall short on the “after pour” maintenance issues. Our crews are fully trained and knowledgeable on cutting relief joints and sealing those cuts so there are no ongoing issues with your projects.

We also can professionally assess older concrete work to determine if it requires repairs or simply sealing cracks.   Sealing joints in concrete is critical. It will add many years to your expensive new driveway, parking lot or floor. We also seal existing cracks to prevent further separation using self leveling caulks or hot tar.

Serving the Greater Quad Cities Area!
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