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River City Cutting & Coring Services...

Cutting concrete will create relief to flat work and give access to existing walls or repair projects. Cutting through concrete saves many hours of otherwise difficult concrete work. We can even cut curbs down horizontally to accommodate lower access without expensive tear-outs and re-pours. Cutting can even expose interesting aggregates that can be later polished for a unique look.

One of the many types of concrete sawing/cutting offered is flat sawing up to 17" deep along with wall sawing up to 24" thick from one side. From hand sawing, track sawing, flat sawing to curb cutting, we got it covered.


This is used when the customer requires circular openings for new plumbing, fencing or any electrical installations. We can core drill in almost every diameter from 1/2" up to 36" in diameter.

Core Drilling concrete or masonry can save thousands of dollars on many of your projects that require simple access in difficult areas. We can drill into manholes, flat concrete, walls and almost any other concrete substrates. We have the ability to drill round holes in a range of sizes from 3/4” to 36” diameters and to almost any depth.

Serving the Greater Quad Cities Area!
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